Firmware Provisioning: For new SOM boards

Firmware provisioning needs to be done on the SOM boards to tell the board whether it will be used with an Ultimaker S5 R2 or with the Ultimaker S3. All SOM boards are provisioned by our provider. When using the SOM boards as replacement parts however, it is possible that a board is provisioned as an S5, but it is destined to replace an S3. In this case, we need to tell the board it is now an S3 board.

The Article Number

To change a board from a Ultimaker S3, to an Ultimaker S5, or vice versa, you simply need power on the printer while a USB stick is inserted which contains the corresponding article number file .

You can download the article number files needed from here. Make sure to place the correct file in the root directory of an USB and rename the file to just "article_number".

Then, simply insert the USB stick containing the article number into the printer, and boot the printer up.

Tip: Are you frequently provisioning motherboards, e.g. because you service our printers? Keep 2 separate USB's and keep the respective article number on them. Then physically label the USB drive for S3 and S5. 

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