Firmware provisioning: For new SOM boards

The Ultimaker S3 and the Ultimaker S5 'R2' (>2020 version) use the same electronics. During production, these boards are provisioned to give it its correct identity. This will tell the mainboard whether it is an Ultimaker S3 or an Ultimaker S5.

Note: This article does not apply to the Ultimaker S5 (2018-2020 version). This printer has a different type of mainboard. The electronics of the different S5 versions are not interchangeable.

When the electronics of an Ultimaker S3 or Ultimaker S5R2 must be replaced due to issues with the printer, the board must also be provisioned. After installing the new board, follow the instructions below before powering on the printer again.


When you have completed the installation of the new mainboard and all cables are connected correctly, put the bottom cover back on the printer and place it upright again.

Note: If you have an Ultimaker S5 with an Air Manager and/or Material Station, wait with reconnecting the peripherals until the provisioning process is complete.

  1. Download the correct article number for your printer type at the bottom of this page
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Place the file named "article_number" in the root directory of a USB drive

Note: Do not make any changes to the file. It must be named "article_number", otherwise, the provisioning will not work.

  1. Insert the USB drive into the front of the printer
  2. Insert the power cable and power on the printer using the switch at the back

Note: As the machine is booting up, you might see the machine type shown on the display change. This is normal.

Update firmware

When the printer has booted up completely, first check the firmware version. It is likely that the replacement mainboard is not yet equipped with the latest firmware.

Download the firmware from this page and update via USB (recommended). After rebooting the printer, complete the welcome setup.

Note: If you experience problems with updating the firmware, you can also install this via a recovery image. This requires access to the electronics again. More instructions can be found here.


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