What is Ultimaker Essentials?

Ultimaker Essentials is a software subscription plan, tailor-made for enterprises with more strict IT policies. With Ultimaker Essentials, we enrich our ecosystem, including Ultimaker Digital Factory, Ultimaker Cura, and Ultimaker Marketplace, with features such as a higher IT security and stability to make our software portfolio a better fit for regulated business environments.

In this way, Ultimaker Essentials allows more organizations to scale the benefits of 3D printing across their business. 

Why did Ultimaker develop Ultimaker Essentials?

3D Printing users at larger organizations were encountering challenges to further scale and roll-out 3D printing in their company. Ultimaker Essentials is developed to help overcome these IT barriers, and enable professional organizations to adopt Ultimaker’s ecosystem, and access all its benefits.

Which organizations subscribe to Ultimaker Essentials?

Ultimaker Essentials is designed for professional organizations, with an established IT Infrastructure. However, any professional organization (even with more tolerant IT policies) will be able to benefit from Ultimaker Essentials. Now company associated accounts can be used to access Ultimaker’s ecosystem (instead of individual personal accounts).

What are the benefits of Ultimaker Essentials?

Ultimaker Essentials is a subscription plan that enables functionality in other products of our ecosystem. As a software product, its features are not static, and will be enriched as the year progresses . At launch, Ultimaker Essentials will have the following key benefits:

Simplify distribution of software in organizations:

Now it's easy for IT professionals to roll-out 3D printing across their business. Ultimaker Essentials is designed with regulated business environments in mind. Distribute packaged and cloud software that boosts innovation with 3D printing, but that's also built based on Ultimaker’s commitment to their security.

Accelerate growth of 3D printing in organization:

Ultimaker Essentials means organizations can now deploy our full 3D printing platform across regulated enterprise environments. Use the Ultimaker Digital Factory to increase productivity and efficiency, and 3D print easily with advanced material profiles via the managed Ultimaker Marketplace.
Dedicated support to simplify the adoption of 3D printing:

Documentation, e-learning, or direct support:

Whether users are new to 3D printing technology or just need some guidance, we can help get them up and running with a stable, end-to-end 3D printing platform that works inside their existing infrastructure.



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