Why is my gcode not recognized on the Ultimaker 2+ Connect?

Update: Since firmware version 1.3, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect will recognize gcode files.

File formats

The file format used for 3D printing on the Ultimaker 2+ Connect is .ufp, or Ultimaker Format Package. This package includes the sliced file (gcode), material information, and a preview of the 3D model. This file format is also used on Ultimaker S-line printers and the Ultimaker 3 series. The included preview is displayed on the touchscreen of your Ultimaker 2+ Connect and in the Digital Factory, to clearly show which model will be printed.

This format is selected by default in Cura to save the sliced file. This is used to send print jobs to the printer via the Digital Factory, but also for the offline workflow via USB. If you want to print via USB, select 'Save to file' or 'Save to removable drive' when slicing is complete.


Ultimaker Cura also offers the possibility to save the sliced file as a gcode. At launch, the Ultimaker 2+ Connect was set up to only accept ufp files. With firmware version 1.3, the functionality to also read and print gcode files was added. If your Ultimaker 2+ Connect does not recognize your gcode file, make sure to update to the latest firmware version.

Ultimaker 2+ vs Ultimaker 2+ Connect

Despite their similar looks and names, the Ultimaker 2+ and the Ultimaker 2+ Connect cannot accept the same gcode files. The printing strategies for these machine types are very different:

Ultimaker 2+ All material-related settings for the Ultimaker 2+ are in the printer's firmware. This includes nozzle and build plate temperatures and retraction settings. These are not selected in Ultimaker Cura and are not included in the standard Ultimaker 2+ gcodes.
Ultimaker 2+ Connect For the Ultimaker 2+ Connect, all print settings are set in Ultimaker Cura. This includes all material settings, such as nozzle and build plate temperatures. Cura contains optimized profiles for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect for all Ultimaker materials.

Because of these differences, it is not possible to print a file sliced for the Ultimaker 2+ on the Ultimaker 2+ Connect and vice versa.

Slicer compatibility

Note: The Ultimaker 2+ Connect is compatible with Ultimaker Cura 4.8 or higher.

Although the printer will now also accept gcode files, Ultimaker cannot guarantee compatibility of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect with third-party slicing software, nor support the use of such software.

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