Assembling the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

The Ultimaker S5 can work as a standalone unit, or in combination with either one or both of its peripherals - the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager and the Ultimaker S5 Material Station. The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is built up from all three devices.

This page describes how to install the complete Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. The installation consists of four main sections:

Tip: We recommend removing the packaging of the Ultimaker S5 and Material Station with the box placed on the floor for safety. Please retain all packaging for warranty purposes.

Caution: Choose a suitable location to place the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. Install the products on a flat, stable surface that is capable of carrying the weight of the total system (~ 50 kg / 110 lbs). Take proper measures to prevent the Pro Bundle from falling.

Installing the Ultimaker S5

Tip: It is recommended to first install the Ultimaker S5 hardware accessories before mounting the printer on top of the Material Station for easier access to all components.

S5-Step1-Unbox.jpg S5-Step2-Bowden.jpg
  1. Unpack the Ultimaker S5 and remove all accessories from inside the printer
  1. Remove the clamp clips from the print head and insert the Bowden tubes
S5-Step3-Clip.jpg S5-Step4-Cable.jpg
  1. Secure the Bowden tubes with the clamp clips
  1. Fit the print head cable clips onto Bowden tube 2 and divide equally
S5-Step5-Build-plate-clamps.jpg S5-Step6-Glass-plate.jpg
  1. Open the glass doors and the front build plate clamps to insert the glass plate
  1. Slide the glass plate into the rear build plate clamps, then close the front clamps and glass doors

Tip: The Ultimaker S5 also comes with a spool holder. This is not needed for the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. You can install the cap from the Material Station accessories in the hole for the spool holder in the back panel of the Ultimaker S5 instead.

Installing the Material Station

Next, unbox the Material Station by removing the plastic locking clips at the bottom of the box. Holding the handles, lift the upper section of the box. Place the foam pieces, documents, and accessories aside.

Caution: The Ultimaker S5 must be lifted by at least two people during installation.

MS-Installation-Step1.jpg MS-Installation-Step2.jpg
  1. Carefully place the Ultimaker S5 on top of the Material Station
  1. Insert a tube coupling collet in the bottom of each feeder of the Ultimaker S5
MS-Installation-Step3.jpg MS-Installation-Step4.jpg
  1. Insert the left Bowden tube into the left feeder, and the right Bowden tube into the right feeder
  1. Secure the Bowden tubes with clamp clips

Installing the Air Manager

Start unboxing the Air Manager by removing the plastic locking clips at the bottom of the box. Holding the handles, lift the upper section of the box. Place the six foam pieces and documents aside.

Tip: The rest of the boxes will be removed during the installation of the Air Manager.

S5-Air-Manager-QSG-1-Mounting-bracket.jpg S5-Air-Manager-QSG-2-Cable-slot.jpg
  1. Align the mounting bracket with the back of the Ultimaker S5
  1. Guide the Bowden tubes and print head cable into both mounting bracket slots

Note: The Bowden tube should be in front of the print head cable.

S5-Air-Manager-QSG-3-Secure-mounting-bracket.jpg S5-Air-Manager-QSG-4-Filter-housing.jpg
  1. Gently push down on the mounting bracket until it clicks firmly into place
  1. Align the bottom of the filter housing with the slots in the mounting bracket and push into place
S5-Air-Manager-QSG-5-Filter.jpg S5-Air-Manager-QSG-6-Cover.jpg
  1. Gently push the filter completely into the filter housing
  1. From the front of the printer, place the cover over the filter housing

Note: Ensure the hinges are fully inserted. If necessary, open the cover and push on each until you hear it click into place.
When the Air Manager cover is closed, make sure that it is aligned well with the Ultimaker S5 frame and that there are no gaps. 

  1. Align the hinges with the mounting bracket and drop the cover into place


Finally, connect all the cables to complete the installation of the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. You will need the short white Material Station cable, the longer white Air Manager cable, the power extension cable, and the power cable.

Tip: The cable connections of the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle are different compared to the Ultimaker S5 as a standalone printer, or when combined with only one of its peripherals. The following steps explain how to connect the complete Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle.

MS-Connections-Step1.jpg MS-Connections-Step2.jpg
  1. Connect one side of the Material Station cable to the UMB IN port at the back of the Material Station
  1. Plug the other end of the cable into the UMB OUT port at the back of the Ultimaker S5

S5-Air-Manager-QSG-8-Cable.jpg S5-Air-Manager-QSG-10-Strain-relief.jpg
  1. Connect the Air Manager cable to the port at the back of the Air Manager
  1. Secure the cable with the stress relief clip and slide it upwards
Air-Manager-cable-clips.jpg UMB-OUT-Material-Station.jpg
  1. Place the Air Manager cable behind the plastic clips on the Ultimaker S5 back panel

Note: The cable clips that come with the Air Manager are not used in the Pro Bundle.

  1. Connect the other end of the cable to the UMB OUT port at the back of the Material Station
MS-Connections-Step3.jpg MS-Connections-Step4.jpg
  1. Connect the Material Station to the Ultimaker S5 with the power extension cable

  1. Connect the power cable to the Material Station and the other end to a power outlet

Caution: A mains socket with protective earth/ground terminal must be used. Make sure that the building installation has dedicated means of over-current and short-circuit protection.

Note: The Material Station will automatically power on when power is supplied. This way the humidity can be continuously controlled while the door is closed. 

Your Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is now fully assembled and connected, and ready for first use! Turn on the printer using the power switch at the back. The printer will guide you through the welcome setup via instructions on the display.

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