Assembling and dissembling the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

The Ultimaker S5 can work as a standalone unit, or in combination either one, or both of its peripherals - the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager and the Ultimaker S5 Material Station. The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle is built up from all 3 devices.


To install the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

  • Mount the Ultimaker S5 on the Material Station  
  • Mount the Air Manager on the Ultimaker S5
  • Plug in the connectors

Mount the Ultimaker S5 to the Material Station

  1. Carefully place the Ultimaker S5 on top of the Material Station
  2. Insert a tube coupling collet in the bottom of each feeder of the Ultimaker S5
  3. Insert the left Bowden tube of the Material Station into the left feeder, and the right Bowden tube
    into the right feeder
  4. Secure the Bowden tubes with clamp clips
  5. Place the spool holder cap into the hole of the Ultimaker S5’s spool holder

Mount the Air Manager on the Ultimaker S5

  1. Align the mounting bracket with the back of the Ultimaker S5
  2. Guide the Bowden tubes and print head cable into both mounting bracket slots. Above feeder 2, make sure that the Bowden tube is placed in front of the print head cable
  3. Gently push down on the mounting bracket until it clicks firmly into place
  4. Align the bottom of the filter housing with the slots in the mounting bracket and push it into place
  5. Gently push the filter completely into the filter housing
  6. From the front of the printer, place the cover over the filter housing
  7. Align the hinges with the mounting bracket and drop the cover into place

Plug in the connectors

  1. Connect the Air Manager cable to the port at the back of the Air Manager
  2. Place the stress relief clip attached to the mounting bracket around the Air Manager cable and close it
  3. Slide the stress relief clip upwards until it cannot go further to secure the cable in place
  4. Connect the other side of the Air Manager cable to the UMB OUT port on the Material Station
  5. Connect the Material Station cable to the UMB IN port on the Material Station and the other end to the UMB OUT port on the Ultimaker S5
  6. Connect the power extension cable to the Ultimaker S5 and the Material Station
  7. Connect the power cable to the Material Station and the other end to a power outlet


In some cases, it may be necessary to disassemble the Pro Bundle. For example for transportation or maintenance reasons. To dissasemble the Pro Bundle, first remove the Air Manager, then the Ultimaker S5. Special tools are included in the box to remove the Air Manager from the Ultimaker S5.

Tip: It is recommended to uninstall the entire Air Manager, without removing individual modules.

  1. Turn off the Ultimaker S5 using the power switch at the back
  2. Disconnect the Air Manager cable from the UMB OUT port on the back of the Material Station
  3. Take the two removal tools and align them with the leaf springs in the mounting bracket
  4. Insert the removal tools behind the leaf springs
  5. Push upwards until you hear a click
  6. Gently lift the entire Air Manager off the Ultimaker S5

Upon rebooting the Ultimaker S5, a popup will appear on the touchscreen informing that the Air Manager has been disconnected. Select Yes to confirm the removal of the Air Manager.

Do not disconnect the Air Manager cable from the UMB OUT port without removing the Air Manager from the Ultimaker S5. Printing while the Air Manager is installed but not connected can damage the printer.

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