Material Alliance Program

With the release of Ultimaker Cura version 3.6, Ultimaker Cura Marketplace has become available where users can download Material Print Profiles that enrich their toolpath, thus substantially improving printing reliability and printing quality.

The Ultimaker Material Alliance Program allows filament companies to offer their products in the Ultimaker Cura Marketplace. Ultimaker offers to filament companies special software to develop these print profiles quickly for the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker S5 printers.

Obtain print profiles and information from Marketplace

End-users can install these print profiles directly from Ultimaker Cura Marketplace using the "Add to Cura" button. Restart Ultimaker Cura and slice your 3D model using the new print profiles.

Materials compatible with the Material Station can be selected using the "Optimized for Material Station" checkbox. Further compatibility information is available when selecting a specific material. This indicates compatibility with specific printers, print cores and support materials.

The Marketplace contains general information on why to use a certain materials and links to printing guidelines, safety and technical data sheets.

Support requests

For general questions about the program, requests to join the program or technical questions from developers, please fill in our support form. For specific material or support questions, contact the corresponding material partner in the Marketplace.

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