Replace the clamp clip of the Ultimaker 3

The clamp clips lock each Bowden tube in place. Without the clamp clips, the tube coupling collets which hold Bowden tubes can move up and down during printing,  especially when retracting. This can negatively impact print quality.

If the clamp clip breaks or gets lost, you need to replace it. The following steps describe how to correctly install the clamp clip. These instructions are the same for the clamp clips at the print head and the feeder.

Parts required:

  • 1 - 4x 2137 Clamp clip

Tools required:

  • None


  • 5 minutes 


1. Remove the old clamp clip

  • Place the print head in the front-right corner.
  • Use your fingernail to remove the old clamp clip from the tube coupling collet.



1. Insert the Bowden tube

  • Before placing the new clamp clip, make sure the Bowden tube is still fully inserted into the tube coupling collet.
  • While holding the tube coupling collet down, firmly push the Bowden tube into the print head or feeder.

2. Install the new clamp clip

  • Place the new clamp clip around the tube coupling collet to lock the Bowden tube in place.

Ultimaker3_Wedge-clamp-clip.jpeg Ultimaker3_remove-clamp-clip.jpeg

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