What is the 3D model assistant in Ultimaker Cura?

This 3D model assistant article is a tool to guide you in making design decisions when creating your 3D models, choosing the right material to print it with and has some basic guidelines on print settings that can be adjusted to improve 3D printing reliability.

When is the 3D model assistant required?

These guidelines are useful for every type of material. However, the specifications below will actively display the 3D model assistant and require extra attention. The 3D model assistant only appears when all of the requirements below are met.


Models with a large footprint

3D models loaded on the build plate with a footprint larger than 150mm in either the X or Y direction require extra attention. The size of the models can lead to delamination and poor build plate adhesion.

Configuration with materials ABS, CPE+, PC or PP

The engineering materials ABS, CPE+, PC and PP require some extra attention to ensure they print reliably. The material guidelines provide alternative material suggestions to print the model with instead, to provide a reliable and high-quality solution.

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