Networking ports and domains used by Ultimaker

To make benefit of the full features of the Ultimaker system, it is important that there is nothing hindering the communication between the cloud, printer, and the device running Ultimaker Cura. The Ultimaker ecosystem uses ports as follows:
To benefit from the online cloud services provided by Ultimaker Digital Factory and to ensure seamless communication, a number of network ports must be opened on the network. The following ports are utilized by our Ultimaker printers:

Communication to cloud servers

For cloud communication, ports 443 and 123 need to be open.

  • Port 443. Encrypted https communication between the cloud server and the printer.
  • NTP port 123. The printer fetches the correct current time stamp using NTP port 123. A current timestamp is needed on the printer to a correct cloud connection

Communcation on the local network

On the local network, ensure that ports 80, 5353 and 8080 are open to allow communication between the Ultimaker printer and Ultimaker Cura. The ports are used as following:
  • Port 5353 – Printer discovery, allowing Ultimaker Cura to detect local network printers
  • Port 80 – Printer control
  • Port 8080 – Camera feed
  • NTP port 123 - time stamp

Note: Port 23 is used for SSH communication with your printer. This port is closed by default on the printer, and is only opened when developer mode is enabled.

My local network allows only specific web traffic. What web domains should I whitelist?

It may be the case that a restricted firewall is preventing communication with Ultimaker Cloud, preventing proper functioning of online services. If that is the case, individual domains may need to be whitelisted. Make sure the following domains are whitelisted: (for CDN assets like downloads and images)
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