Ultimaker S3 firmware release notes

This page contains all the firmware release notes for the Ultimaker S3.

The Ultimaker S3 runs the same firmware as the Ultimaker S5. The latest release notes can therefore be found on the S-line firmware release page.

Older releases

Firmware 5.8.2

October 20, 2020

This firmware contains bug fixes for the S-line printers, and some new functionality for the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. No new functionality was added to the Ultimaker S3

Firmware 5.8.1

September 29, 2020

This firmware contains notably bug fixes and performance upgrade for the S5 Pro Bundle. No new functionality has been added to the Ultimaker S3.

Firmware 5.8.0

September 1, 2020

  • Error codes and warnings in Digital Factory. Printers running this firmware will be able to communicate error states and warnings via the cloud to the Ultimaker Digital Factory
  • Fixed guest printer to Digital Factory connection workflow. Adding a printer which was a guest within a group did not actually connect the printer to your Digital Factory. Now, establishing a Digital Factory connection will remove the printer from the group and allow it to be immediately used

Firmware 5.7.3

July 20, 2020

  • Camera stream in Digital Factory. Printers will now be able to stream pictures from the printer's camera onto the Digital Factory. Pictures will be refreshed every 10 seconds

Firmware 5.7.2

  • QR codes displayed with error messages. Troubleshoot your issues faster by scanning the QR code that displays on-screen when an error message appears
  • Introduced data sharing for Error codes. We have introduced a data sharing feature for network-connected printers. This data sharing will facilitate our product improvement by helping us track what sort of errors our users are encountering. You can opt-out of this in the settings menu
  • Connect to Ultimaker Digital Factory. Adding printers to the cloud is now adding printers to Digital Factory. You can now find your online dashboard at digitalfactory.ultimaker.com
  • Advanced cloud features. Printers running this firmware will be able to make use of advanced cloud features, such as print queue management and reprint form history as well as features such as renaming and identifying printers from the Digital Factory printer management console
  • Simplified cloud connectivity. The cloud connectivity workflow has been simplified. From your printer, when connecting to Digital Factory a pin code will be displayed. This pin code will be enough to connect your printer. Connection can be established from outside of local network
  • Update printer via cloud. Users will be able to initiate a firmware update from their printer management console on digitalfactory.ultimaker.com

Version 5.3.10

15 January 2020

  • Fixed Ultimaker S3 GUID bug. Due to a bug within the GUID of the Ultimaker S3, some Ultimaker S3 printers could not be added to a cluster because of an identification issue.
  • Fixed SSH developer access. Fixed a bug that prevented users from accessing the printer via SSH.
  • Fixed Camera network traffic bug. When closing the camera feed from the browser, the camera's network activity was not stopped correctly in all instances. This is now fixed.
  • Improved printer discovery. Printer discovery has been made more robust.
  • Cloud and Connect flow improvements. Fixed minor bugs within Ultimaker Cloud and Connect.

Version 5.3.6

7 November 2019

This version contains bug fixes and memory management improvements for your Ultimaker S3.

Version 5.3.4

22 October 2019

Firmware 5.3.4 primarily addresses the cloud connection workflow on the Ultimaker S3.

  • Cloud Connectivity. Some users were reporting issues when establishing a cloud connection to their Ultimaker S3. This is now resolved and the Ultimaker S3 can fully benefit from Ultimaker Cloud functionality.

Known issues

  • Retracted filament after Welcome setup. After performing the Welcome setup on the Ultimaker S3, the filament is retracted from the nozzle. When starting a print following this, the print job begins with filament retracted too far, affecting the first layer.
  • Freezing during Wi-Fi setup. In some exceptional cases, the Ultimaker S3 display may freeze when attempting to connect to Wi-Fi. Restart the machine and try reconnecting to resolve this.


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