Swapping Nozzles for the Ultimaker 2

Once the printer has been used with a nozzle installed into the Olsson block, that nozzle will be locked into place by leftover plastic. This procedure will be necessary to swap nozzles.

Caution: Make sure the filament is removed before you start swapping the nozzle.

1. Removing the current nozzle

  • Go to Maintenance > Advanced > Heat-up Nozzle and set it to the printing temperature of the last used filament (e.g. 210 for PLA, 250 for ABS). As an alternative you can use the “Move material” option to heat up the nozzle
  • When the temperature has been reached use the socket to screw out the nozzle. Handle the hot nozzle with care

Tip: Perform the Atomic Method before removing the currently installed nozzle. This minimizes the amount of leftover plastic that is locking down the nozzle and makes removal easier. It also cleans out that nozzle prior to storage, guaranteeing that no filament residue remains in the nozzle that may affect future prints.


2. Installing your chosen nozzle

  • Select the desired nozzle and screw it into the Olsson block by hand until hand-tight
  • If a torque wrench is available for use during installation, please set it to a force between 1 and 1.5Nm. Please take care not to set the force higher than 2Nm, as the nozzle could possibly break off inside the block
  • If the specially designed 3D printable torque wrench was downloaded and printed, please take care that the printing instructions have been followed completely. Wrenches printed with less than 100% infill may fail during use. Be careful not to over-use the 3D printed wrench, as it is not intended as a permanent replacement for a torque wrench
  • If the temperature has dropped after removing the nozzle previously, go to Maintenance > Advanced > Heat-up Nozzle again and set it to the printing temperature of the last used filament (e.g. 210 for PLA, 250 for ABS). If the block is not at the required temperature when the nozzle is swapped, leftover plastic will prevent the nozzle from being tightened properly. As a result, filament will leak out of the print head during use
  • When the temperature is reached use the socket to tighten the nozzle completely. If available, use a torque wrench on the socket to prevent over-tightening

3. Setup Ultimaker Cura

  • Enter the “Advanced” tab in Cura
  • Enter the size of your installed nozzle, in millimeters, in the “Nozzle size” field
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