Installing the Nozzle for the Ultimaker 2

  • Select the desired nozzle and screw it into the Olsson block by hand until hand-tight
  • If a torque wrench is available for use during installation, please set it to a force between 1 and 1.5Nm. Please take care not to set the force higher than 2Nm, as the nozzle could possibly break off inside the block
  • If the specially designed 3D printable torque wrench was downloaded and printed, please take care that the printing instructions have been followed completely. Wrenches printed with less than 100% infill may fail during use. Be careful not to over-use the 3D printed wrench, as it is not intended as a permanent replacement for a torque wrench
  • Use the socket to tighten the nozzle completely. If available, use a torque wrench on the socket to prevent over-tightening
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