How to replace the TFM coupler for the Ultimaker 2+

The TFM coupler is a consumable part that can wear over time due to the heat and pressure on the hot end. Therefore it is recommended to replace it when you notice that it has deformed.

Caution: Make sure filament is removed, the Ultimaker is turned off and power supply disconnected before you start the replacement.

Note: These instructions are for the Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended+.


1. Removing the bowden tube

  • Manually move the print head towards the front left corner of the printer
  • Remove the blue clamp clip
  • Press down the tube coupling collet and pull the bowden tube out of the print head

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2. Loosening the print head housing

  • Loosen and remove the four thumb screws that go from top to bottom through the print head
  • Put some tape around the print head housing parts to keep them together and out of the way

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3. Removing the TFM coupler

  • Remove the fan bracket; it’s attached with two bolts on either side of the hot end
  • Loosen the two bolts that are in the top aluminum plate

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  • Remove the aluminum plate, then take out the spacer and the TFM coupler

Note: The TFM coupler fits tightly in the hot end isolator. If necessary use the hex screwdriver to push it out.

You will probably notice that the TFM coupler is slightly burnt on the bottom and, more importantly, it has a brim on the inside. This brim can easily cause friction to the filament, thus leading to under extrusion.

How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Removing_aluminum_plate.jfif How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Remove_TFM_coupler.jfif


Installing the new TFM coupler is as easy as removing the old one. Just follow the instructions below.

1. Assembling the hot end

  • Fully insert the new TFM coupler into the hot end isolator and put the spacer on top

How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Insert_TFM_coupler.jfif How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Place_spacer.jfif

  • Put the top aluminum plate back in place and secure it to the hot end with the two bolts

How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Putting_aluminium_plate_back.jpg How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Secure_top_aluminum_plate.jpg

  • Attach the fan bracket to the hot end with two bolts on either side. While doing this, make sure that the nozzle is centered in the hole of the fan bracket

How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Attach_fan_bracket.jfif How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Nozzle_centered_in_hole_fan_bracket.jfif

2. Re-assembling the print head

  • Remove the tape from the print head housing
  • Align the hot end with the print head housing and insert the four thumb screws again. Loosely secure them, but do not tighten completely yet

How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Align_hot_end.jfif How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Insert_thumb_screws.jfif

  • Place the print head alignment aid in between the two aluminium plates of the hot end and tighten the thumb screws until the alignment aid fits securely between the aluminium plates, but can still easily be removed. This ensures that all hot end parts fit together correctly and prevents filament leakages. Securing the thumb screws too tight could decrease the lifespan of the TFM coupler

How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Place_print_head_alignment_aid.jfif How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Secure_thumb_screws.jfif

3. Inserting the bowden tube

  • Press down on the white tube coupling collet while inserting the bowden tube
  • When the tube is completely into the print head, let go of the collet and lightly pull the tube up again (approximately 2 mm)
  • Hold up the collet with your fingernail, then press the tube in again
  • Secure the bowden tube with the blue clamp clip

How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Press_down_tube_coupling_collet.jfif How_to_replace_TFM_coupler_for_Ultimaker2__Attaching_clamp_clip.jfif

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