How to use adhesion sheets for the Ultimaker 2+

Using an adhesion sheet is one of the most effective methods of making your 3D print adhere to the build plate and get consistent high-quality results. Learn how to apply it correctly, prevent air bubbles, and ensure a smoother, flatter surface.

Applying the adhesion sheet

  1. Remove the glass plate from the printer by opening the two build plate clamps at the front of the build plate and gently slide the glass plate out of the printer
  2. For the best results, first wet the glass plate with water and (optionally) a small amount of (dishwashing) soap. Make sure to have the warning sticker on the glass plate upwards
  3. Remove the back liner from the adhesion sheet 

    How_to_use_adhesion_sheets_for_Ultimaker2__Wet_glass_plate.jfif How_to_use_adhesion_sheets_for_Ultimaker2__Remove_back_liner_from_adhesion_sheet.jfif

  4. Slowly apply the sheet to the glass plate. Start in the middle and then lower the sheet onto the rest of the glass plate

    How_to_use_adhesion_sheets_for_Ultimaker2__Applying_sheet_starting_in_the_middle.jfif How_to_use_adhesion_sheets_for_Ultimaker2__Lowering_sheet_onto_glass.jfif

  5. To reduce the number of air bubbles under the adhesion sheet, we advise you to sweep the water outwards from underneath the sheet starting in the center. You can do this with your hands or a with a flexible plastic card, but be careful not to tear the sheet

    Note: Any air bubbles that remain under the sheet can distort the first printed layer. If the bubbles can’t be removed, consider popping them with a needle.


  6. Place the glass plate upside down on a flat surface and cut off the excess of the adhesion sheet with a sharp knife
  7. Once the sheet is applied and bubble free and dry, place the glass plate back in the printer and secure with the build plate clamps. Heat up the build plate to 100 ºC so the remaining water under the sheet can evaporate

Caution: Make sure to thoroughly dry the glass plate before placing it back in the printer.

Removing the adhesion sheet

The adhesion sheet can be used multiple times, but once it has been damaged, you may need to replace it.

To remove the adhesion sheet from the glass plate, take the following steps:

  1. Remove the glass plate from the Ultimaker 2+
  2. Take one of the corners of the adhesion sheet and peel it approximately 3 cm from the glass plate surface
  3. Hold the glass plate under a tap and let the water run under the adhesion sheet while slowly pulling the sheet off at a 90-degree angle. The sheet shouldn’t leave a sticky residue

    How_to_use_adhesion_sheets_for_Ultimaker2__Peel_adhesion_sheet.jfif How_to_use_adhesion_sheets_for_Ultimaker2__Remove_adhesion_sheet.jpg

  4. Continue switching to a different corner of the adhesion sheet in order to pull it off completely
  5. Remove any glue residue from the glass plate with a sponge and soap
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