How to group printers together

Networked Ultimaker S-line printers and Ultimaker 3 printers can be grouped together for easier printer management and print job delegation.

How do I create a group of printers?

Every printer that is added directly to Ultimaker Cura becomes its own host of a group. The group by default has only one printer - the host.

Tip: Add printers to your Digital Factory for remote printer access.

How do I add more printers to my group?

If the host printer is added to your Ultimaker Account, you can add printers to your group using your dashboard. From the printers tab on your dashboard, click the manage button to access the host groups IP. 

Note: The manage button is only available when connected to the same local area network as the printer.

Alternatively, you can directly navigate to the page by going to <printersip>/printers, e.g

You will be directed the Ultimaker Connect printers page from where you can see an overview of the group status. Scroll down to see more printers connected to your network, and simply click 'Add' on a local area network printer that you wish to add to group. For security reasons, you will be asked to input an access code. This access code is displayed on your printer.


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