How to move models in Ultimaker Cura

You can position your model in any way you like using the move tool, which allows the model to be moved along its X, Y, and Z axes:

  1. Select the model you would like to move to open the model toolbar on the left side of the screen
  2. Select the first tool to move the model

Note: There are two model behavior options in the general preferences in the ‘viewport behavior’ section.
1. Ensure models are kept apart, prevents models from overlapping
2. Automatically drop models to the build plate, prevents the model from floating mid-air

Tip: To quickly open the move tool, select the model and press 'T'.

Move tool overview

  1. Move tool. All selected models will be moved
  2. Number input field. Can be used to set exact coordinates of the 3D model
  3. The 3D model. Once selected this can also be moved freely
  4. Arrow handles. Drag these to move the model on any specific axis


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