How to add a printer to my cloud account

To add a printer to your cloud account first log in to

  1. From the printers tab, select 'Add printers'
  2. Select your printer type from the popup menu
  3. Input the local IP address of your printer

Note: Your device must be on the same local network as your printer to establish the first Cloud Connection. Click here read more about connecting your printer to the network and how to find out its IP.

  1.  Your browser will redirect to the cloud connection page. If this is the first time you connect to your printer, please accept the data sharing agreement to proceed
  2. Your browser will ask for an access code, which is displayed on the printer. Input this access code to finalize the connection
  3. Done! You can now add your printer and send print jobs via Ultimaker Cura remotely

Want to know more about the Ultimaker Cloud privacy policy? Click here

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