Can't update the Ultimaker Original+ firmware

If Ultimaker Cura does not recognize your Ultimaker Original+ when you want to upload firmware, there is a problem with the connection due to software or hardware failure.

Check the connections

The communication problem could simply be caused by a physical connection failure:

  • Make sure the Ultimaker Original+ is connected to the power supply and turned on when uploading firmware
  • Check if the USB cable is properly connected and, if possible, try another cable to rule out a failure of the USB cable


Another possible reason for the connection failure is a bug in Ultimaker Cura or a problem with your computer or operating system (mainly with older versions).

  • Check if the latest version of Cura is installed on your computer
  • Try connecting on a different computer, preferably with a different operating system

If the options described above do not help to establish a connection, it is possible that the mainboard is defective. Contact support or your local reseller for a replacement.

Note: Because the Ultimaker Original+ is a discontinued product, no new firmware versions will be released anymore via Ultimaker Cura.

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