Start a print on the Ultimaker Original+

Once a print file has been prepared and put on the SD card, you can start the print job via the UltiController.

Insert the SD card into the UltiController. Press the button to enter the main menu and navigate to Print from SD. Select the file that you want to print. You can scroll through the list by turning the button.

The Ultimaker Original+ will prepare for the print job by homing the print head and build plate and heating up the nozzle and the glass bed. This will take a few minutes.

While printing, the display will show the progress of the print as SD%. During a print, you can tune settings such as speed, nozzle temperature, and flow rate to improve the print result.

When the print is finished, you can remove it from the build plate. The Ultimaker Original+ is now ready to start the next print.

Tip: For most materials, a thin layer of glue should be applied to the glass plate. This ensures that your prints will stick well to the build plate. It is recommended to regularly clean the glass plate and reapply the glue.


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