Display and controller on the Ultimaker 2 Extended

When turning on your Ultimaker 2 Extended, you will always see the Ultimaker logo first after which you will go to the main menu. The main menu offers three options: Print, Material and Maintenance.



The “Print” menu simply allows you to select one of the print files on the SD card and will automatically start the print after that.


In the “Material” menu you can either change the filament on your Ultimaker 2 Extended or change the settings of material profiles. When selecting “Change” the Ultimaker 2 Extended will start the procedure as described in the Bed leveling section. In the “Settings” menu you can select material profiles and change their settings in the “Customize” menu.


The “Maintenance” menu offers various options. By selecting “Build plate” you will be guided through the bed leveling steps. In the “Advanced” menu several options can be selected in order to manually do certain actions or change machine settings.


The Ultimaker 2 Extended also offers you the possibility to fine-tune settings during the printing process. This allows you to get full control over the printing process and helps you achieving the best print results. You can do this by accessing the “Tune” menu during printing. The Tune menu basically shows you the same settings as in the Advanced menu, which means that you can change settings like for example the temperature and speed of printing. Furthermore, it is possible to select “Pause”, after which you can change the filament in the middle of a print and resume again.

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