Ultimaker Cura Enterprise release notes

On this page you will find the release notes for Ultimaker Cura Enterprise. Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is available upon signing up to Ultimaker Essentials. Navigate to your subscription portal to find all resources associated with an enterprise subscription, including the download link for Ultimaker Cura Enterprise.

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise 4.6.3

  • Fixed an issue where Plugins did not work due to security restriction on temporary files.
  • Security fix where files are no longer allowed to be outside of the root of the plugin.
  • Security fix where Symlink following is now disabled.

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise 4.6 release notes

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise 4.6 introduces three major changes to the Ultimaker Cura 4.6 release – which was the starting point for Ultimaker Cura Enterprise:

  • Marketplace accessible only when logged in. In Ultimaker Cura Enterprise 4.6, the marketplace can only be used while the user is logged in. This means that it is no longer possible to download and install plugins as an anonymous user.
  • Marketplace has verified plugins only. Ultimaker Cura Enterprise users are allowed to download and install only validated plugins from the marketplace. All verified plugins have been audited by a third party security company.
  • MSI Deployment. Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is available as an MSI and can therefore be easily distributed by a customer IT department using Software Distribution Tooling. Read here for more information about distributing of an MSI file.

For the original Ultimaker Cura 4.6 release notes, please refer to the release notes on the Ultimaker Cura github page.

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