Ultimaker Cura Enterprise release notes

On this page you will find the release notes for Ultimaker Cura Enterprise. Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is available upon signing up to Ultimaker Essentials. Navigate to your subscription portal to find all resources associated with an enterprise subscription, including the download link for Ultimaker Cura Enterprise.

Tip: Ultimaker Cura Enterprise benefits from all the updates that standard Ultimaker Cura gets. For a full list of release notes, view the Ultimaker Cura github pages

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise 4.13.2

Released June 2022

Note: This Ultimaker Cura Enterprise version contains the improvements of version 4.11, 4.12 and 4.13 combined. The most important changes are listed below, for detailed information per version please visit Github.


Sync material profiles
With Ultimaker Cura 4.13, we give you access to a seamless material experience for Ultimaker Material Alliance materials – with the ease of use you’ve come to expect from Ultimaker materials. You can easily synchronize your Material Alliance profiles with your S-line Ultimaker hardware, at the click of a button.

New print profile
A new print profile with 0.3mm layer height for PLA Tough PLA, PVA and BAM for Ultimaker S-line printers

3MF thumbnail
Show the model in the thumbnail of a .3mf file, contributed by fieldOfView

Infill density
When printing with a 100% infill the infill pattern will change to ZigZag for all Ultimaker print profiles

User login authentication
We’ve streamlined the user login authentication by removing any restrictions, especially for strict enterprise-level IT requirements.


Lightning infill
The new lightning infill setting lets you to print high-quality top layers but is optimized to use less material and increase your production speed. Special thanks to @rburema and @BagelOrb!

Improved top surface quality
We’ve tweaked the Monotonic setting and made adjustments throughout Ultimaker print profiles. This removes occasional scarring on models and improves top surface quality by default.

Improved horizontal print quality
Resulting in reduction of ringing, improving resolution and overall print quality.

App switcher
The new switcher provides a simpler way to navigate and use other Ultimaker applications, including Ultimaker Digital Factory, Ultimaker Marketplace, and Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy. Reporting bugs to Github is now just one click away, and it’s easier to find the application you need.

Faster start-up
We've shaved 10 seconds from Ultimaker Cura's start-up time by optimizing profile data caching.


Monotonic ordering
The new Monotonic top/bottom order setting enables users to print parts with smoother top surfaces. This is especially useful for parts that need good aesthetics, such as visual prototypes. Or for parts that benefit from smooth surfaces, such as those that contact-sensitive components.

Complete UI refresh
Look around and you will notice that we have refreshed over 100 icons throughout Ultimaker Cura. The new icons are designed for clarity – resulting in a simpler and more informative slicing experience. Also, when scaling the Ultimaker Cura window, the UI will adapt, resulting in less visual clutter.

Improved digital library integration
Collaborative workflows using the Digital Library are now simpler. Every user with a cloud-connected Ultimaker 3D printer can access stored projects. And we have added a “Search” function to make finding files easier.

Save materials profiles to USB
Users can now save all third-party material profiles to USB. This feature is for Ultimaker S-line printers only and is especially useful for cloud-connected (or offline) printers.

Notifications for beta and plugin releases
Users can now set notification preferences to alert them to new Ultimaker Cura beta and plug-in releases.

Improve logging of errors in OAuth flow
When helping a user with log-in problems it is easier to see where the OAuth flow goes wrong.

Search in the description in the settings visibility menu
When searching in the settings visibility menu you will also search in the description of the settings.

Ultimaker Cura Entperprise 4.10

Released July 2021

Native CAD import plugin
Ultimaker Professional and Excellence subscribers can now directly import native CAD files into Ultimaker Cura.
Enable this feature by downloading the Native CAD import plugin from the Ultimaker marketplace.

Flow visualization
In preview mode you can now visualize the flow. Contributed by @khani3s.

Show loading plugins on startup
When starting Cura you will now see which plugins Cura is loading.

Add Z position parameter to FilamentChange
With the FilamentChange script you can now control all 3 coordinates.

Allow FilamentChange script to use Marlin M600 configuration
Contributed by @Sekisback.

Double click on file in Digital Factory
When double clicking on a file in the open project dialog in Digital Factory it will now open in Cura.

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise 4.9

Released April 2021

  • Improved performance and integration with the Digital Library
  • Users can now import and export projects directly to the Digital Library

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise 4.6.3

Released October 2020

  • Fixed an issue where Plugins did not work due to security restriction on temporary files.
  • Security fix where files are no longer allowed to be outside of the root of the plugin.
  • Security fix where Symlink following is now disabled.

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise 4.6 release notes

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise 4.6 introduces three major changes to the Ultimaker Cura 4.6 release – which was the starting point for Ultimaker Cura Enterprise:

  • Marketplace accessible only when logged in. In Ultimaker Cura Enterprise 4.6, the marketplace can only be used while the user is logged in. This means that it is no longer possible to download and install plugins as an anonymous user.
  • Marketplace has verified plugins only. Ultimaker Cura Enterprise users are allowed to download and install only validated plugins from the marketplace. All verified plugins have been audited by a third party security company.
  • MSI Deployment. Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is available as an MSI and can therefore be easily distributed by a customer IT department using Software Distribution Tooling. Read here for more information about distributing of an MSI file.


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