Cleaning the glass plate of the Ultimaker 2

After a lot of printing, there sometimes can be too much excess glue stuck to the glass plate. This can cause an uneven print surface and it is therefore recommended to clean the glass plate once in a while. When doing this, always make sure that the Ultimaker 2 is turned off and build plate has cooled down.

Removing the glass plate

Before taking out the glass plate, first manually move the build plate to the bottom of the Ultimaker 2. This way damage on the print head or Z trapezoidal leadscrew is prevented.

Open up the build plate clamps at the front side by using one of the hex wrenches and slide the glass plate to the front of the build plate until you can take it out of the Ultimaker 2.

Cleaning and placing it back

For cleaning it is advised to use some warm water and to brush off any excess glue. If necessary you can also use some soap to clean it. Also make sure to dry the glass plate before placing it back in the Ultimaker 2.

The glass plate can simply be place back by sliding it onto the build plate until it snaps into the build plate clamps at the back of the build plate. Next, close the build plate clamps at the front side by hand in order to secure it.

Tip: In order to be sure about a successful next print we recommend to re-level the build plate after having repositioned the glass plate.

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