Print not sticking to the Ultimaker 2 Go build plate

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Adhesion problems can include the print not sticking to the build plate or warping of the material during printing. Poor build plate adhesion will negatively impact the quality of the printed part, or it can lead to the print completely detaching from the build plate during printing. This will result in a failed print and could even cause damage to your printer.

Warping can happen due to material properties. As the material cools down, it will shrink somewhat. This can cause the first layer of the printed model (especially at the corners) to curl upwards.

Note: Because the Ultimaker 2 Go does not have a heated build plate, not all Ultimaker materials can be reliably printed on the Ultimaker Original.

Follow the tips below to improve the adhesion of the material to the build plate:

Bed leveling During printing, it is important that the first layer sticks well to the build plate. If the nozzle is too far from the plate, the print will not stick properly. If the nozzle is too close, then the material cannot extrude. Leveling the build plate ensures that you have the correct distance between the build plate and the nozzle during printing, for optimal adhesion. Follow the leveling instructions on this page.
Blue tape After a lot of printing, the blue tape on the build plate may wear or damage a little bit. This can cause an uneven print surface or bad adhesion of the print. It is recommended to replace the blue tape regularly. Follow the instruction on this page.
Cura adhesion settings In Ultimaker Cura, you can add a brim around the printed model, which is an effective way to stop your print from warping. This places a single-layer-thick, flat area around your object, which resists the pulling forces as the print cools. You can also print on a raft. Learn more about Cura's adhesion settings here.

For more detailed information on how to improve build plate adhesion and prevent warping, check the following support articles:

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