Configuration of the Ultimaker Original


After having installed the latest firmware some default checks will be done on the Ultimaker Original. Cura will try to connect to the Ultimaker Original over USB, will heat up the nozzle a bit and the limit switches will be checked.

Before running the checks, make sure that the print head is placed in the middle of the Ultimaker Original and that there is some distance (minimal 3 cm) between the nozzle and build plate. If not, move them manually to the correct position.


The first step of setting up your Ultimaker Original is making sure that the latest firmware is installed. Therefore, please take the following steps.

  • Connect your Ultimaker Original with the USB cable to your computer
  • Select “Upgrade to Marlin firmware” and Cura will automatically install the latest firmware

Limit switches

For checking the limit switches, it is advised to follow the steps described below.

  • When Cura asks you to check to press the left X endstop, gently move the print head towards the front left corner until you hear a click and Cura give you a next command. This means that the limit switch is working correctly


  • Repeat the previous step for the front Y endstop
  • At last, you will be asked to press the top Z endstop. Therefore you can either rotate the Z leadscrew so that the build plate moves up and down and touches the switch, or you can press the switches with your finger or a screwdriver

Note: If the print head can’t touch a limit switch it is recommended to loosen it and move it further towards the center of the Ultimaker Original+.


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