Cleaning the Ultimaker Original+ glass plate

For optimal adhesion of your prints to the glass build plate, it is important that the glass is thoroughly clean, or has a nice even layer of glue applied to it. It is recommended to clean the glass plate after several prints, or at least once a month.

Caution: Ensure that the build plate has completely cooled down before starting this procedure.


Remove the glass plate

Ensure that the build plate is at the bottom of the printer. Open the two build plate clamps at the front and slide out the glass plate.

Caution: Use a hex key or screwdriver to open the clamps. They can be sharp.

Clean with water Use lukewarm water and a non-abrasive sponge to clean the build plate and to remove any adhesives. If necessary, some detergent can be used to remove adhesives, or alcohol gel can be used to get rid of any fatty substances
Dry the plate Leave the plate to air dry, or wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. Ensure that the plate is fully dry before reinstalling it in the printer.
Apply a layer of glue For most materials, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of glue to the glass plate. This improves the adhesion of printed models to the build plate. Visit this page for more information.
Reinstall the glass plate Slide the glass plate back into the printer until it snaps into the build plate clamps at the back. Close the front two build plate clamps to secure the glass build plate.
Cleaning_UltimakerOriginal _glass_plate_Removing_glass_plate.jpg Clean-glass-plate.jpg UMOplus-Glass-plate.jpg
Open the build plate clamps at the front with a hex key or screwdriver Clean the glass with some (lukewarm) water and a sponge Fit the plate into the build plate clamps at the back

Tip: To ensure good adhesion of your next print, it is recommended to re-level the build plate after repositioning the glass plate.

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