Configuration of the Ultimaker Original+


After having installed the latest firmware some default checks will be done on the Ultimaker Original+. Cura will try to connect to the Ultimaker Original+ over USB, will heat up the nozzle a bit and the limit switches will be checked.

Before running the checks, make sure that the print head is placed in the middle of the Ultimaker Original+ and that there is some distance (minimal 3 cm) between the nozzle and build plate. If not, move them manually to the correct position.


The first step of setting up your Ultimaker Original+ is making sure that the latest firmware is installed. Therefore, please take the following steps.

  • Connect your Ultimaker Original+ with the USB cable to your computer
  • Also attach the power supply and turn the Ultimaker Original+ on
  • Select “Upgrade to Marlin firmware” and Cura will automatically install the latest firmware

Limit switches

For checking the limit switches, it is advised to follow the steps described below.

  • When Cura asks you to check to press the left X endstop, gently move the print head towards the front left corner until you hear a click and Cura give you a next command. This means that the limit switch is working correctly


  • Repeat the previous step for the front Y endstop
  • At last, you will be asked to press the top Z endstop. Therefore you can either rotate the Z leadscrew so that the build plate moves up and down and touches the switch, or you can press the switches with your finger or a screwdriver

Note: If the print head can’t touch a limit switch it is recommended to loosen it and move it further towards the center of the Ultimaker Original+.


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