Configuration of the Ultimaker Original+

When the assembly of your Ultimaker Original+ is finished, set up your printer in Ultimaker Cura.

Connect to a computer

Use the supplied USB cable to connect your Ultimaker Original+ to a computer or laptop. This will allow Cura to communicate with the printer. This is useful for leveling the build plate and updating the firmware.

Add a printer

If you install and open Ultimaker Cura for the first time, selecting your printer is part of the first-run process. If you want to add a new printer to an existing installation of Cura, open the Printers panel and click Add printer. In the next screen, select Add a non-networked printer and from the list under Ultimaker B.V., select the Ultimaker Original+.

After selecting a printer, you can give it a name. The printer name will default to Ultimaker Original+, but you can also give it a different name. This can be useful if you have multiple printers with specific setups.

Level build plate

The next screen will guide you through the bed leveling process. More information on how to adjust the build plate position is found on this page. Click Move to next position when you are done with each corner. Click Next to complete the installation.

Update firmware

In the Printers panel, select Manage printers. From this menu, you can update the firmware. Ensure that your Ultimaker Original+ is connected via the USB cable. This menu offers two options:

Automatically upgrade firmware Selecting this option will install the latest version of the default Ultimaker firmware for the Ultimaker Original+.
Upload custom firmware It is possible to install custom firmware for your Ultimaker Original+ that you compiled yourself or found online. Installing custom firmware is always at your own risk.

Machine settings

From the Printers menu in the Preferences overview, you can also view your machine settings. If you have made customizations to your printer, you can change the printer, print head, or extruder settings. Or, if you want to change the behavior of the printer at the start and/or end of each print job, you can alter the start and end gcode from this menu.

Note: Making modifications to the printer and changing machine settings is always done at your own risk.


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