What contents does an Ultimaker Cura project file have?

An Ultimaker Project file contains the following information:

  • Printer settings
    This includes the printer brand, type, and name of the printer group. The printer group name is equal to the host of the group the printer is in, for standalone printers it simply displays the printer name.
  • Extruder settings
    This includes information of all available print cores and their currently loaded material. For the print cores, the type and nozzle diameter are included. For the materials, the material brand, type and color are included.
  • Profile settings
    This includes the profile name and the profile intent and information on the number of unsaved profile changes.
  • Post-processing scripts
    This includes any post-processing scripts and their associated settings.
  • 3D models
    This includes all 3D model files loaded into the project.
  • Thumbnail
    This includes a thumbnail image of the printable 3D models on the build plate. This image is used to display on the printer and in other software services.

Tip: These settings are summarized for review when saving a project file or opening an existing project file.

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