Hardware maintenance on the Ultimaker 2+

To keep your Ultimaker 2+ in optimal condition we recommend the following maintenance schedule, based on 1,500 printing hours per year.

Every month   Every 3 months   Every year  
Clean printer   Check for play on axles   Clean feeder and replace Bowden tube
Lubricate axles   Check tension of short belts  
  Lubricate lead screw Z motor  
  Re-tighten hot end isolator  

Note: If the usage frequency is higher, please increase the frequency of maintenance on your machine to maintain optimal printing results.

The next pages describe how to perform these maintenance actions. More detailed instructions can be found here.

Additionally, you can purchase the Ultimaker 2+ Maintenance Kit. The Ultimaker 2+ Maintenance Kit contains the most commonly used replacement parts for the Ultimaker 2+ or Ultimaker 2 Extended+ and can used as an overall maintenance kit, or for spare parts.

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