Adjusting the limit switches of the Ultimaker Original+

When the assembly of the Ultimaker Original+ is complete, first check the positions of the limit switches. The limit switches, or end stops, set the Home positions of the print head and build plate. Due to tolerances in the parts, the wood, and the assembly, it is recommended to first perform a manual check before you turn on the printer for the first time.

X and Y limit switches Z limit switch

During assembly, the switches were placed as far toward the inside of the printer as possible. This gives the highest chance that the switches will be correctly activated.

Place the print head in the center of the printer. Gently move it manually all the way to the front. Check that the Y limit switch (with the red wire, in the left panel) is activated before the print head hits the frame. You should hear a clear clicking sound.

Next, move the print head to the left to check the X limit switch (with the blue wire, in the front panel). Perform the same check.

When the switches are not activated, loosen the bolts and place them further toward the inside of the printer. If this is not possible, you can carefully bend the switch's lever somewhat.

UMO+_Set-home-position.jpeg UMO+_X-limit-switch.jpeg
Manually move the print head to the Home position in the front-left corner Adjust the switches' positions by loosening and retightening the bolts

When you are satisfied with the positions of all three of the limit switches, the assembly process is really complete! You can now turn on the Ultimaker Original+ for the first time. Prepare the printer for your first print by loading material, setting up the Ultimaker Original+ in Cura, and leveling the build plate.

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