Adjusting the Z limit switch of the Ultimaker Original+

Before the Ultimaker Original+ can be turned on for the first time it's very important to adjust the position of the upper Z limit switch. This is done to make sure that the build plate calibration later on is done correctly.

  1. Place the print head in the center of the machine
  2. Slightly loosen the bolts of the upper Z limit switch, so that you can move it up and down
  3. Raise the Z stage (manually) until there is approximately 1 mm distance between the build plate and nozzle
  4. Adjust the position of the Z limit switch until it's being pressed by the wooden Z stage cap; you should hear a clicking sound
  5. Firmly attach the Z limit switch to the frame by tightening the two bolts
  6. Move the Z stage slightly down and up again to check if the Z limit switch is pressed when the distance between the nozzle and build plate is 1 mm
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