Ultimaker 2+ display and controller

When turning on your Ultimaker 2+ or Ultimaker 2 Extended+, you will always see the Ultimaker logo first. When the printer has finished booting up, you will see the main menu. The main menu offers three options: Print, Material, and Maintenance.

Tip: When you power on the printer for the first time, or after a factory reset, you will first go through the welcome setup. After this is completed, you will see the main menu when you power on the printer.

Rotate the controller button to scroll through the menu items, and press the button to select. When pushing the button, a beeping sound can be heard. A blinking button means the printer is waiting for user input.


Print Material Maintenance

From the Print menu, you can start a print job. When an SD card is inserted into the front of the Ultimaker 2+, you can scroll through the list of prepared print files. Make sure that the file you choose was prepared for the correct machine type in Ultimaker Cura.

When you select one of the files, the Ultimaker 2+ will start preparing the print job.

Note: If no SD card is present when you open the Print menu, the display will show No SD-CARD! Please insert card.


The Ultimaker 2+ also offers you the possibility to fine-tune settings during a print. This allows you to get full control over the printing process and helps you achieve the best print results. During a print, access the Tune menu.

From here, you can change settings such as temperature and speed. You can also pause the print. This allows you to change material, for example, if your spool is running low. After this, select Resume to continue the printing process.

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