The Ultimaker 2 Extended feeder

Using the feeder in the right way and keeping it clean is important for a good extrusion. A few tips are described below.


In order to guide the filament properly through the feeder into the Bowden tube and print head, it's important that the tension on the feeder is set correctly. If the tension is too high, it means that the knurled wheel of the feeder will dig into the filament, through which it flattens or - even worse - completely gets stuck. This is what we call grinding.

To prevent grinding of the filament it is therefore important to set the tension on the feeder as loose as possible, meaning that the white insert clip should be completely at the top. You can achieve this by inserting one of the hex keys in the hole on top of the feeder and turning it clockwise.


After a lot of printing, the knurled wheel in the material feeder can accumulate small plastic particles. You can clean this by blowing air on the knurled wheel or using a simple brush. It is also recommended to clean the feeder when you notice grinding of the filament.

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