Cura and firmware for the Ultimaker 2 Extended

For the Ultimaker 2 Extended, we recommend our free Cura software to prepare your 3D print files. Cura quickly and accurately converts 3D models into 3D print files within seconds, showing you a preview of the print so you can be sure everything is as you would like it to be.


After downloading, open the installer and run the installation wizard to complete the installation. When you open up Cura for the first time, you will be asked to select the 3D printer that you have; select the Ultimaker 2 Extended. No other configuration is required and you can directly start using Cura.


Using Cura

The basic process of converting a 3D model to a print file in Cura is described below.

  • Load a 3D model (STL, OBJ, DAE or AMF file) into Cura via the “Load” button
  • Choose your desired settings and wait for Cura to slice the model
  • When Cura has converted the file you can save the print file (GCode) via the “Save” button. If the SD card has been inserted it will directly save the file to the SD card
  • Remove the SD card from your computer - make sure to safely remove it - and insert it in your Ultimaker 2 Extended to start printing

When using Cura for the first time you will see the “Simple” setup. This is perfect for beginners, but when you’re a more experienced user and want to have more control over the print settings you can also switch to the “Advanced” mode.

Updating firmware

Regularly a new Cura version is released, including a new firmware version as well. Make sure to install the latest version of Cura and firmware once available in order to stay up to date. The latest version of Cura can always be found at the Software page.

In order to install the latest firmware to your Ultimaker 2 Extended, please take the following steps:

  • Connect the Ultimaker 2 Extended to your computer with the USB cable
  • Attach the power supply and turn the Ultimaker 2 Extended on
  • Start Cura and go to Extensions > Firmware > Update firmware (make sure the Ultimaker 2 Extended is selected in the “Machine” menu). Cura will now automatically upload the latest firmware to your Ultimaker 2 Extended
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