Can't update the Ultimaker 2 firmware

If Cura doesn’t recognize your Ultimaker 2 when you want to upload firmware, there is a problem with the connection due to software or hardware failure. By following the steps described below you can easily figure out why it doesn’t work and get it working again.

Check the connections

First of all, the connection issue could simply be caused by a physical connection failure.

  • Make sure the Ultimaker 2 is connected to the power supply and turned on when uploading firmware
  • Check if the USB cable is properly connected and if possible try another USB cable to rule out a failure of the USB cable


Another possible reason for the connection failure is a bug in Cura or problem with your computer or Operation System (mainly with older versions). Therefore it is advised to check upon the following points:

  • Check if the latest version of Cura is installed on your computer
  • Try connecting on a different computer, preferably with a different Operation System

If neither of the above described options to establish a connection works for you, there is possibly a bug on the main board. In this case, please get in touch with your local support department for further assistance.

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