Interface overview of Ultimaker Cura



  1. Open file. Opens a 3D file.
  2. Printer selection panel. Displays the selected printer.
  3. Configuration panel. Contains the material and print core setup.
  4. Stages. The prepare, preview and monitor stage. Each stage is arranged to efficiently go through each 3D printing step.
  5. Print settings panel. Contains all slice strategy parameters.
  6. Marketplace. Contains plugins and material packages.
  7. Ultimaker account. Allows access to cloud functionality, Marketplace plugins and print profiles, backups and more.
  8. Action panel. Contains an action button dependent on the current stage.
  9. Print over network. Save to removable disk or save to file.
  10. Preview. Proceeds to the next stage, the preview stage.
  11. Camera position tool. Easily positions the camera to default show default viewing angles.
  12. Model information. Contains the 3D model name and dimensions of all printable models on the build plate.
  13. Adjustment toolsMove, rotate, mirror, scale, and more options.
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