Getting started with Ultimaker Cura

Install Ultimaker Cura

To install Ultimaker Cura, please visit the software product page on our website. Select download and choose your operating system.


After downloading, run the installation wizard.

See the list of supported operating systems and versions

Check the list of minimum and recommended hardware requirements

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise

If you are an Essential, professional or excellence Ultimaker customers, you can get Ultimaker Cura Enterprise here. 

Note: Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is delivered as an .msi package, it is intended for organizations that require enterprise grade software easily deployable by the organization IT admin. Learn more

Welcome setup

When you open Ultimaker Cura for the first time, you will enter the welcome setup. Few simple steps will guide you thought the first important Cura Configurations.  


User agreement, and data sharing

The first few screens allow you to review and accept the user agreement, and decide whether to allow Ultimaker Cura to collect anonymous user data. Click ‘more information’ to learn what user data will be shared and provide the option to turn data sharing off.


Sign in to your Ultimaker account

By signing in with your Ultimaker account you will magically be able to Connect Cura to the Ultimaker printers you have access to in Digital Factory. If you don't have access to Digital Factory or don't own a Ultimaker printer you can still use an Ultimaker account to backup and sync materials profiles and plugins from the Ultimaker marketplace. 


Adding printers

If you already connected your printers to Digital Factory, Cura will automatically add all the printers you have access to in Digital Factory to Cura. After the initial setup, Cura will regularly check for changes in the printers list and inform the users when new printers are detected. Screen_Shot_2021-04-08_at_11.32.38.png

If you see your printers in the list skip the next step and head to the release notes.

Adding printers manually


If in the previous stage Cura didn't find any printer in your Digital Factory account you are requested to manually add at least one printer, there are 3 different ways to do so:

Add an Ultimaker printer to Digital Factory

If you own a Ultimaker printer with network capabilities (Ultimaker S3 / S5 / Pro Bundle or Ultimaker 2+ Connect) we highly encourage you to follow this procedure to connect your printer to Digital Factory before Preceding with the welcome setup.

Once you are done adding the printer to Digital Factory, Click the Add Cloud printer button and the printers you added to Digital Factory are going to be automatically added to Cura.

Add a printer connected to the local network


If your Ultimaker printer is connected to the local network it will appear in the list of networked printers. Select the printer and hit next to add the printer to Cura.

If you configured a static IP for your printer you can also hit the Add printer by IP button, insert the IP address and connect to the printer. 


If you are having trouble connecting to your printer check out this troubleshooting article

Add a non networked printer

If you cannot connect your Ultimaker printer via the network, or if you own a third party printer you can add it to Cura by selecting "add a non-networked printer"


Select the printer model, give the printer a name and hit next. 

What's new and release notes

You are almost ready to go. Have a look at the new features and the release notes to stay up to date with the lates Cura development. Screen_Shot_2021-04-08_at_13.35.37.pngScreen_Shot_2021-04-08_at_13.35.53.png

You can now click finish and start using Cura. 

How to start your first print in Ultimaker Cura

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