Clean the Ultimaker 2+ feeder

The feeder forwards filament to the print head. To make sure that exactly the right amount of material is extruded, it is important that the feeder gears can turn smoothly.

After many hours of printing, or when material has been ground down, there is a chance that there are small filament particles in the feeder. In addition to blowing out the particles once a month, it is recommended to also clean the inside of the feeder after one year of printing. In order to do this, the feeder has to be removed from the printer.

Preparation Cleaning Feeder gear Reinstallation

Prepare the printer for maintenance by removing the material and feeder:

First, unload the material. In the Material menu, select Change and take the material out of the feeder. After this, turn off the printer.

Next, remove the feeder from the printer. Take the following steps:

  1. Remove the clamp clip from the top of the feeder housing.
  2. Press down on the white tube coupling collet while pulling the Bowden tube upwards.
  3. Reduce the tension of the feeder by turning the bolt in the top of the feeder, until the indicator is all the way at the top.
  4. Use the hex screwdriver to remove the two bolts that hold the feeder to the back panel.
UM2plus-Remove-Bowden-feeder.jpg UM2plus-Feeder-tension.jpg UM2plus-Remove-feeder.jpg
Remove the Bowden tube Reduce feeder tension Remove the feeder

Now that the maintenance action is complete, you can turn on the printer again. Reload your material either via Material - Change, or via Maintenance - Advanced - Insert material.

Note: It is also recommended to check and possibly replace the Bowden tube after one year. Before reinserting the tube into the feeder, follow the instructions for checking the Bowden tube.

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