Printing with the Ultimaker 2+

Starting a print

Prints on the Ultimaker 2+ are started from the SD card. To start a print, take the following steps:

  1. Place the SD card in your computer
  2. Slice your 3D model in Cura. Ensure that the nozzle size and material configuration in Cura match the configuration on your Ultimaker 2+
  3. Save the print file (.gcode) via the “Save to removable drive” button to the SD card
  4. Eject the SD card in Cura and remove it from your computer
  5. Place the SD card in the Ultimaker 2+ (front side, next to the display)
  6. Go to "Print" and select the file you want to print


Removing the print

Once your 3D print is finished it must be removed from the build plate. There are several methods to use, depending on how the print is adhered to the build plate. Take a look at this page for instructions how to remove the print from the build plate.


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