Preparing a print for the Ultimaker 2+ with Cura


After you have added the Ultimaker 2+ in Cura, the main interface will become visible. Here is an overview of the interface.


Slicing the model

To slice a model for the Ultimaker 2+, take the steps described below.

  1. Load the model into Cura by clicking the “Open File” folder icon (top left corner)
  2. Use the Adjustment Tools to position, scale and rotate the object if desired
  3. In the Sidebar, select the nozzle size and material you want to use. Make sure it matches the setup on the printer
  4. Select a profile quality (Draft Print, Fast Print, Normal Quality or High Quality) on the Sidebar
  5. Select “Helper Parts” on the Sidebar. Set the desired strength and enable or disable support and build plate adhesion
  6. To view the result of the selected profile and support settings, go to the “View mode” and select “Layers”
  7. In the bottom right corner, select “Save to file” or “Save to Removable Drive” to save the print file

For more instructions on how to use Ultimaker Cura you can read the manual.

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