Preparing a print file for the Ultimaker 2+

Before you can start printing, you must convert your 3D model into a format that is readable by the printer: GCode. You can use Ultimaker's own slicing software, Ultimaker Cura, to do this. Cura contains preconfigured machine settings and print profiles for your Ultimaker 2+, so slicing your files is quick and simple.

Using Cura

Prepare your print job in just a few steps:

Select your printer Make sure the machine type is set to the correct machine (Ultimaker 2+ or Ultimaker 2 Extended+).
Load your model Open a 3D file by clicking on the folder icon or dragging the item into the interface. Check which file types are supported here.
Choose your settings In the Print settings menu, you can select a basic profile (layer height) and simple settings such as infill and adhesion. More advanced users can open the Custom mode and manage hundreds of specific print settings.
Print! When you're satisfied with the print settings, click the Slice button. You can now save the file to your computer or directly to an SD card. Insert the SD card into the front of the printer and you can start printing.

Note: You do not have to select a material type in Ultimaker Cura. All material-specific settings, such as temperature and retraction, are in the printer's firmware. Simply make sure that the correct material is selected on the printer.

Tip: This is a brief description of how to slice a print file. More information about using Ultimaker Cura, including explanations of all available settings, can be found in the Cura section.

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