Materials for the Ultimaker 2+

Compatible materials

The Ultimaker 2+ comes with one spool of PLA material, but supports the use of various materials.

The following Ultimaker materials are officially supported on the Ultimaker 2+:

Nylon PC TPU 95A PP

Although the Ultimaker 2+ has an open material system, the use of Ultimaker material on the printer is recommended. The Ultimaker materials listed above have been tested extensively and have profiles in the Ultimaker 2+ firmware.

Other Ultimaker materials, such as Tough PLA and PETG, were released after the discontinuation of the Ultimaker 2+ printers. Although these materials can be printed on the Ultimaker 2+, their use is not officially supported and profiles are not included in the firmware.

Support materials such as PVA and Breakaway are optimized for dual extrusion printing. These are not supported on the single extrusion Ultimaker 2+ printers.

Tip: For detailed instructions per material, please check the Materials section of the knowledgebase.

Material settings

On the Ultimaker 2+, the material settings are in the printer, while the print settings are chosen in Ultimaker Cura.

You do not have to select a material type in Ultimaker Cura. All material-specific settings, such as temperature and retraction, are in the printer's firmware. Simply make sure that the correct material is selected on the printer.

In Cura, you can select print settings, such as speed and layer height. These are optimized per nozzle size in the default printing profiles. Note that if you change certain settings in Cura, that influence the flow or extrusion rate (amount of material extruded per second), you may have to increase or decrease the nozzle temperature on the printer.

Tip: If you want to use a new material that is not yet known by the printer, create a custom material profile. You can do this on the printer, or import a profile from the SD card. Learn more here.


For all materials that are supported on the Ultimaker 2+, it is recommended to apply an adhesive to the glass plate before starting a print.

The accessory box of the Ultimaker 2+ contains a glue stick. Apply a thin layer of glue to the glass build plate to improve the adhesion of the printed model to the build plate. Additionally, for materials such as ABS, CPE, and CPE+, this will also create a protective layer for the glass plate.

Adhesion sheets
The Advanced 3D Printing Kit contains a pack of adhesion sheets. These sheets are the preferred adhesion method for materials such as PC and PP. Learn how to apply the adhesion sheet correctly on this page.

Cura settings
In Ultimaker Cura, you have several options for Build plate adhesion type. In the Recommended view, you can simply select yes or no for adhesion. In the Custom view, you can choose a brim or a raft. A brim adds a single-layer flat area around the base of your model. A raft adds a thick grid with a roof below the model.


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