Z Switch Stuck - ER06

If you get one of these errors it means that there is a problem with the Z limit switch. The Z limit switch is located at the back bottom side of the Ultimaker and ensures the build plate won't move down any further when it's at the bottom of the Ultimaker. When one of these errors shows up, it means that the Z limit switch isn't activated.

Z_Limit_Switch.jpgThe Z limit switch is located at back bottom side, on the inside of the Ultimaker

It either tells you that the Z limit switch can't be pressed or that something is preventing the lever of the switch from switching back. Both errors require the same checks and solution:

  • It's possible that the switch is not pressed at all. Therefore check if there's nothing lying under the build plate (preventing the platform from moving down completely). Also ensure there's nothing inside the hole in which the limit switch is located. There could be some small pieces of filament in there, blocking the function of the switch
  • Check if the Z limit switch is properly connected to the main board; otherwise reconnect it

For further assistance you can contact one of our local service providers.

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