ER06 - Z switch stuck

This message indicates that there is a problem with the Z limit switch.

The Z limit switch is located at the back of the bottom panel of the Ultimaker 2+. This switch ensures that the build plate won't move down any further when it reaches the bottom. When this error message appears, it means that the Z limit switch cannot be released, and remains activated.


If this error appears, there can be several causes:

Something is blocking the switch It is possible that something is preventing the switch from being released; there could be something stuck in the switch. Carefully check underneath the build plate, and remove any small pieces of filament.
The switch mechanism is defective Manually lift the build plate and press the Z switch. You should hear a clicking sound. If it does not click properly, the switch mechanism could be defective and may need to be replaced.
The Z motor is not moving This error can also appear if the Z motor is not moving at all when expected. Try moving the build plate via the menu. If there is no response, the motor or the driver on the mainboard may be defective.

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