ER65 - Extrusion problem detected

The flow sensor of the Ultimaker S5 signals that filament is not flowing as predicted. The Material Station has not determined end of filament, but something else is wrong with the material flow. The display will show which of the extruders has encountered a problem.

The ER65 message is often an early indication of underextrusion. This can be due to an obstruction in the filament path, or incorrect print settings.

When the ER65 message appears, the print will be paused. You can choose to ignore the error and continue printing, or abort the print. Note that during the paused and printing states, the troubleshooting options are limited. For persistent ER65 messages, it is recommended to stop the print progress and check the extrusion path before reprinting.

There are a few things to try both during and after the print:

During the print After the print

As mentioned above, the troubleshooting options while the print is paused are fairly limited. It is not possible to clean or change the print cores mid-print, as this would affect the print cores' alignment. Before selecting to continue or abort the print, though, please perform the following checks:

Check the feeder lever Make sure that the lever of the indicated feeder is fully down. If the feeder lever is left up, it will not give sufficient pressure on the filament while feeding. Feeder-lever-down.jpg
Check the feeder tension

For Ultimaker materials, the feeder tension should be at the middle mark. If the tension is too high, the feeder may flatten the filament, but if the tension is too low, the material can slip inside the feeder.

Use a 2 mm hex key or screwdriver to turn the bolt at the top of the feeder housing to adjust the feeder tension.


Adjust print settings During a print, it is possible to slightly tweak the print settings. Printing too fast and/or at too low temperatures can cause extrusion problems. Try adjusting the settings via the Ultimaker S5 display before continuing the print job. Note that this is just a quick fix; remember to update the print settings in Ultimaker Cura for the next print job with this material.

After trying the steps listed above, you can select the triangle icon ('play' button) on the display to continue printing. If the ER65 error continues to appear, and underextrusion is visible in the print, it is best to abort the print and try the troubleshooting steps in the second tab.

Disable the flow sensors

It is possible to disable the flow sensors. This can be a useful temporary patch, especially if the print shows no signs of underextrusion. Open the Settings menu (gear icon) and toggle the switch for Flow sensor to turn them off.


Note that in the standalone S3 and S5 this will also disable the end of filament detection, whereas in the Pro Bundle the end of filament will still be detected by the Material Station. It is still recommended to determine the root cause of the ER65 error, because underextrusion will no longer be detected with the flow sensors disabled.

Need further support?

If the problem still persists after trying all the troubleshooting steps listed above, please contact support by submitting a ticket. For the most efficient help, please share the following information:

  • How often the error shows up
  • The printer's log files
  • Which materials are used
  • Print settings (or preferably a Cura project file)
  • The outcome of the attempted troubleshooting steps.
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