Active leveling correction failed - ER22

When the Ultimaker 3 can’t complete the active leveling process this error might appear. There can be several reasons for this. On this page we will guide you through some steps on resolving this issue:

  1. First of all, do the following checks before starting the active leveling:
    • Make sure that the Ultimaker 3 is placed on a sturdy surface, so it won't wobble or vibrate during the active leveling process
    • Make sure there is no left over material on the nozzles and the glass plate is clean when you want to calibrate the build plate. This can lead to inaccuracies and in a worst case to failure of the active leveling
    • Ensure there is no debris under the glass plate and the build plate clamps are closed completely.
    • Ensure the build plate is not levelled to loosely. There should be at least 0.5 mm distance between the nozzle and build plate before a probe starts
    • Check if the print head fan bracket is closed properly
    • The print cores should be fully inserted in the print head slots
    • Make sure there are no machines that produce EMI (electro magnetic interference, e.g. electric motors, combustion engines) or other electrical noise nearby
  1. Re-do the active leveling and check if it’s working again. Do not touch the printer while executing the active leveling; this could affect the measurements
  2. When there are still problems with the active leveling, it may be necessary to manually level it first. Take a look at the Ultimaker 3 manual for instructions on how to do this. After this, you can start the active leveling again

When you are still experiencing problems after following all these instructions, we advise to contact one of our local service providers for help.

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