ER15 - Heater error on PrintCore

A heater error on one of the print cores can occur when the print core fails to heat up. The printer is trying to heat up the print core, but the print core does not report an increase in temperature. The display will show which print core is affected.

The heater error can have several different causes, including the print core hardware, the profile settings, the environment, or the material quality.

Troubleshooting tips

If this error appears, please perform the following checks:

Check the print core

Check if the error message continues to appear in the same slot after swapping the print cores. If so, the error is not specific to the print core; please check the other tips below. If the error is repeatable for just one print core, clean the connections as described below.

Tip: The Ultimaker 3 diagnostics menu contains a heater-sensor test. Run this diagnostic test to check the heater strength.

Clean the print core connections Never touch the contact point at the back of the print core with your bare hands, as oils and grease can affect the connection. Clean the contact points on the print core and on the print head PCB with a cotton swab and 70% IPA.
Check the silicone nozzle cover The silicone nozzle cover must always be installed during printing. This cover protects the print cores from the cold airflow from the fans. Check the quality of the nozzle cover and replace it with a new one if it is damaged or worn.
Change print settings

A combination of print settings can also lead to ER15. When printing too fast, the print core could struggle to maintain the correct nozzle temperature. Try lowering the print speed.

Alternatively, the airflow from the side fans could impact the nozzle temperature, especially on larger flat surfaces. Try a lower fan speed.

Check the environment When the printer is in a very cold environment, this could have an effect on the heating efficiency of the print cores. Ensure that the printer is in an environment according to the recommended ambient conditions (15-30ºC). Also, the printer is not affected by draft.
Dry the material Filaments that contain a lot of moisture could show difficulties for the heater to reach and maintain the required temperatures. Therefore it is important to dry your material before printing.

Need further support?

If the error continues to appear after performing all the checks and corrective actions listed above, please contact support by submitting a ticket. For the most efficient help, please share the following information:

  • When the error appears (during loading material, during printing?)
  • The printer's log files
  • Which materials are used
  • Print settings (or preferably a Cura project file)
  • The outcome of the attempted troubleshooting steps.

Tip: It could be interesting to take a look at the temperature graph of the printer. This is accessible (for network-connected printers) by typing the IP address of your printer in a browser and selecting Temperature Graph, or using the direct link http://[IP address]/info/temperature.html. Run a test print with the graph active and take a screenshot after ER15 appears.

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