ER14 - Max temp. error on the build plate

When this error appears, the printer has detected that the temperature of the build plate is higher than the maximum value set in the printer's firmware. This is usually caused by a bad connection or damage to the heated build plate.

Check the wires

First, check if none of the wires at the back of the build plate are loose. Checking the wires of the heated bed cable can be done without disassembly. The heated build plate is connected with four thin wires. Gently pull each individual wire to check if it is still securely in place.

If one of them is loose, you can try to reinsert it. If this does not work easily, the heated bed must be removed from the printer in order to access the connectors.

UM3-Remove-thumb-wheel.jpeg UM3-Remove-spring.jpeg UM3-Heated-bed-connectors.jpg
1. Remove thumb wheels 2. Remove springs 3. Check connectors

Loosen and remove all three thumb wheels from underneath the base plate.


Gently lift up the heated bed and remove the three springs and the front two build plate clamps.


Flip the bed around. Check each wire and firmly push them into the connectors.


Also check carefully for any signs of damage to the heated bed or the heated bed cable. If any damage is observed, replace the components. Contact support or your local reseller for further assistance.

Check the electronics

It is also possible that the heated bed is not properly connected to the electronics any more. This could be the case if the printer was recently moved, or if a mistake occurred during a repair or service action. To check this, you must access the mainboard at the bottom of the printer.

UM3-Turn-printer.jpg UM3-Mainboard-cover.jpg UM3-Heated-bed-connectors-mainboard.jpg
1. Place printer on its side 2. Remove cover 3. Check connections
Gently place the printer on its side, then manually lift up the Z stage. From the inside of the printer, remove the two bolts that secure the cover and place the cover aside. The sensor and heater are connected on opposite sides of the board, to connectors marked 'Heated bed'. Reconnect them if necessary.

Note: If problems persist after taking the steps on this page, contact support or your local reseller. Ensure to include the error number and the log files of your printer.

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