ER13 - Min temp. error on PrintCore

This error indicates that the printer has registered a too low temperature in one of the print cores. This can be caused by the environment or the print core.


Ultimaker 3D printers are not intended to be used in very cold environments. During operation, always ensure that the environment is at least 15 ºC (59 ºF). At lower temperatures, the print core can show this min temp error, or have trouble heating up and maintaining the right nozzle temperature.

Print core

If the environmental conditions are correct, the problem could be caused by the connection of the print core. However, in that case, a max temp error would be more likely. Please follow the instructions on this page:

Print core max temp error

If that also did not help, there is probably an issue with PCB at the back of the print core. This cannot be resolved and the print core must be replaced.

Note: If problems persist after taking the steps on this page, contact support or your local reseller. Ensure to include the error number and the log files of your printer.

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