Max temp. error on PrintCore - ER12 

A maximum temperature error on a print core indicates that the temperature sensor of the print core doesn't make a connection or reads a too high temperature. This can show up when the print core is not inserted (properly) or removed while it's hot, heating up or cooling down. In rare cases, the error message can also show up during insertion or removal of a print core.

The Ultimaker 3 always requires one print core to be installed. If there are no print cores installed, make sure you install one first.

If a print core is installed while the error shows up, we advise taking the following steps:

  1. Check if the print core is installed properly. When inserting it, you should always hear a “click”
  2. If the error still appears, remove it from the print head and take a look at the chip on the back side of the print core. The contact points might have become dirty/grease by touching it with the fingers, leading to connection problems. You can clean the pins with a cotton swab and some alcohol


  1. Check the pogo pins in the print head slot; they might have become dirty/dusty as well. Ensure you clean them with a cotton swab and some alcohol

Note: Make sure the printer is turned off and disconnected from the power supply when doing this.

  1. Reinsert the print core, turn the Ultimaker 3 back on and check if the error has disappeared

If the error doesn’t disappear, you can replace the print core or contact one of our local service providers for assistance.


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