Safety circuit error - ER04

If you get this error message, it means that the safety circuit of the main board has been activated. This shows up to prevent any electrical damage on the main board.

The most likely cause is that the jumpers on the main board have fallen off. To check this you will have to take a look at the bottom of the Ultimaker. This sounds more difficult than it is:

  • Move the build plate up by hand so you can better reach the screws in the bottom panel
  • Place the Ultimaker on its right side so you can access the bottom side
  • You will find a big metal cover. Loosen the two screws with which it is attached to the bottom of the Ultimaker and remove the cover. You can do this by using a 2 mm hex wrench on the screws at the inside of the Ultimaker and pliers to hold the lock nut at the other side


Removing the electronics cover

  • Now you will see the main board. Look for the jumpers, which are connected to 'SAFETY1' and 'SAFETY2'. If one of them has fallen off, reconnect it again


Check the jumpers at 'SAFETY1' and 'SAFETY2'

When error still shows up while the jumpers are connected, there's probably damage on the main board. In this case we recommend to get support from one of our local partners.

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